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You can increase battery life on your galaxy phone with a power saving mode and with a few tips.

battery life

Use your original Samsung charger and avoid 3rd part accessories, when you charge your phone use a power outlet instead of your computer for a better charge. Set the screen timeout to a shorter interval, store your phone in cool and dry environments. Also, my advice is not to charge your phone overnight, and lastly, disconnect your cable when your phone is 100% charged.

How to turn on power-saving mode :

  • First, open settings
  • Tap battery and device care
  • Tap battery

Here you can see how often your battery is being used. Let’s increase its life:

  • Tap power-saving mode
  • Customize your options ( you can turn off the always-on display, limit CPU speed to 70%, decrease the brightness by 10%)
  • Then tap the switch on the top to activate the power-saving mode.

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