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If you are a beginner in this field and want to learn something about crypto investing, first you need to understand what cryptocurrency is. But you need to know that there is a risk when you are investing in crypto and you need to be sure and decide what you want to buy and make sure that you are buying from safe platforms.

Here in this cryptocurrency for beginners article, we will try to explain in the easiest way possible what crypto is, where to buy it safely, and which cryptocurrencies are safest without the risk of losing all the invested money.

Cryptocurrency For Beginners

What is cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrencycrypto-currency, or crypto is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it.

Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger, which is a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrencies run on a distributed public ledger called blockchain, a record of all transactions updated and held by currency holders.

Units of cryptocurrency are created through a process called mining, which involves using computer power to solve complicated mathematical problems that generate coins. Users can also buy the currencies from brokers, then store and spend them using cryptographic wallets.

If you own cryptocurrency, you don’t own anything tangible. What you own is a key that allows you to move a record or a unit of measure from one person to another without a trusted third party.

Although Bitcoin has been around since 2009, cryptocurrencies and applications of blockchain technology are still emerging in financial terms, and more uses are expected in the future. Transactions including bonds, stocks, and other financial assets could eventually be traded using the technology.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

There are many different platforms where you can invest in crypto. The best of them all is Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the best and most popular platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges because you can invest directly with USD. On Coinbase, you can currently purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum,  Litecoin, and many other coins and tokens. Another good thing about this platform is, that you her a $5 bonus for getting started.

Cryptocurrency markets

Also, there are some other very good platforms like Binance, Hodlnaut, or Uphold. The Binance exchange platform is one of the best for trading, Hodlnaut is the best to earn interest, and Uphold is the best for altcoins. Every platform has its pros and cons like everything else, so it’s up to you to choose the right one for you. Below, you can find a list of the 10 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and what is the field they are best in.

Coinbase: Best Overall,

Voyager: Very easy to use app-based interface,

BlockFi: No commissions and fees,

Uphold: Best For Altcoins,

Kraken: One of the longest running crypto exchanges,

eToro: Ability to copy other traders portfolios,

Bitcoin IRA: Ability to earn interest on your crypto inside your IRA,(Understanding Bitcoin IRAs: In a standard individual retirement account (IRA), individuals can keep their investments in traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and money market funds. Bitcoin IRAs provide an additional option for investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.) Huge amount of supported coins and tokens,

Binance: Best For Trading,

Hodlnaut: Best To Earn Interest.

Best cryptocurrency to invest in


While Bitcoin technology is pretty safe, there are some risks to consider before you make an investment. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous, the price of cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile, Bitcoin relies on passwords, and cryptocurrency wallets are not immune to theft.


Final Thoughts. Investing in Ethereum is risky, but it could potentially be lucrative. Unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin, companies are really using Ethereum as a building block – something more akin to diamonds than gold. As an investor, this is a potential win.


Is Cardano Safe? Generally speaking, Cardano is a fundamentally safe investment. However, just like other cryptocurrency, ADA is volatile and considered high risk by traditional standards. The team is considered reputable in the blockchain space, with founder Charles Hoskinson being a co-founder of Ethereum.

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