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Samsung Galaxy phones sometimes can feel a little tired from all the work they are doing for us. Maybe switching from app to app can be slower, playing our favorite game is getting slower or it can freeze while we type on the keyboard and similar things. It should be understood that if the phones are being used 24/7, every single day of the week, it can happen.

But luckily, there are always some different ways that we can boost our phone’s system and make it work a little bit faster, smoother, so let’s find out.

So, if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, keep reading.


The first one I’m going to show you, is you don’t have to do it all the time, every day, but there is an option where it can be done automatically without you controlling it.

Go to your “Settings” and tap on “Battery and device care”.

Now here you can click on some of the options and get rid of duplicate images, videos, or unnecessary things you have.

To go to the automation part you should tap on the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen and click the first offered option “Automation”.

Samsung Galaxy

So there you can enable the first option “Auto optimize daily”. There you will see that you can set up a time when do you prefer to be optimized, usually at night when you are sleeping.

So this means that every day at that time, the phone will automatically close all the applications and get rid of some of the access memory and it will allow your phone to work quickly.

The other option is “Auto-restart at set times” which means that you can select any day, for example, 3 days a week where it will automatically restart the system and it will be fresh, which means you won’t have issues like before.

Manage your Samsung Galaxy Storage

Another way to keep your Samsung Galaxy running smoothly is by managing your storage or RAM.

To do that, go to “Storage” and find the section that is called “Duplicate files”. There you will see all the files that you have downloaded or received that are duplicates, and they will be all at the same place which means that you will be able to get rid of them easily, instead of searching for them.

While you’re here, you can check what is in your “Trash” and also get rid of the things you don’t need which is also important and it makes your phone work slower because of the memory wasted.

Device Care Widget

This is one quick way to freshen up your phone. You don’t have to go through multiple steps to do that you just have to swipe left on your desktop and tap the “clean” icon on your phone.

You will immediately see that the memory on your Samsung Galaxy went down which means that it automatically wiped out some applications and things in the background that were open and were holding down the phone.

Force 4x MSAA

If you don’t have any problems with what we previously said, but you are a gamer, there is also one trick that you can do that will help you in your gaming.

You can go to your “Developer options” and scroll down. You will find the option “Force 4x MSAA” and enable it.

What this option does is that it forces better gameplay while you play all your games. You should consider that it may take a little bit more battery but it will keep it smooth.

How to enable Developer Mode

If you don’t know how to enable Developer Mode on your Samsung Galaxy device, check the steps below.

Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number

Once you’ve found the screen with your Build number, you’ll need to tap on it seven seven times. After the seventh tap, a message will appear telling you that “You are now a developer” and the Developer options will be unlocked as an option in Settings.

Standard Background Limit

Once you’re inside the “Developer options”, there is one other thing you should probably know. This is hidden in the option called “Background process limit”.

The best option here is to have enabled the first one “Standard limit” which means that every time you open an app and close it, then open another one it will be gone, and that means that if you want to open it again it will take more time. But with this option enabled you can go from app to app and it will work smoothly without any issues.

Power Saving Mode

Not many people know about this, but if have the option “Power Saving More” is turned ON it will make your Samsung Galaxy phone work slower.

You can check if it’s turned on maybe by accident and turn it OFF. If it’s turned on you will notice the icon on your desktop, next to the Wi-Fi icon and battery.

You will find it in your quick settings and once you turn it off, you will immediately see that your phone will start working fast again.

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