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Facebook is one of the best social media and social networking service founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. On this social media, you can find a lot of interesting features that are very useful and easy to use.

But there are some hidden features in Facebook you probably didn’t know they exists, until now.

Keep reading and you will find out some less known Facebook features that will make your life easier.

1. See Who is logged into Your Account

Follow the steps below if you want to see who is logged into your account.

First, Go to the Settings page and switch to the “Security and Login” tab. Here you can find the already active logins under “Where You’re Logged In“. Here you can find data of the location, browser, and device. After you review your devices, you can log out that all other devices click in on “Log Out Of All Sessions“. Also, you can remove one by one.

2. Save Posts for Later

You want to read or view some interesting posts, but you don’t have time to do so. With this feature, you can save any post, video, or link to check later.

When you see the post, Click on triple dots on the right top of the post and choose Save Post/Link/Video option. It will save your post on Facebook. This method samely works on mobile versions of Facebook. You can see the Saved folder under the left side menu on Facebook Home.

3. Turn Off Autoplay Videos

Do you hate when the video starts playing automatically without clicking on it? Follow the steps below and you are going to learn how to turn it off.

Go to Settings Videos and set Auto-Play Videos to Off. It will also turn off auto-play on your mobile devices.

To be Continued…

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